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Hiking is one on the most sought after activities by those who travel to the Hawaiian islands. Hiking to hidden waterfalls, up Oahu's ridged mountains, lush rain forest or a relaxing walk through a botanical garden...Hawaii has it all and MSH Tours will take you there!

A special new product is a visit to a Local Farm - this new tour offers a differrent perspective of our island. Hawaiian people have a strong natural connection with the land and the ocean. Our partners at the local farming communities will guide you through the processes they use at their production facilities, offer a "farm-to-table" lunch menu and organic, locally produced cosmetics, produce and small souveneers at their coffee markets on site. 


Local Farms


Local farms on Oahu offer a great selection of organic produce, veggitables and fruits. Organic farmers use very different strategies from conventional farmers. They are usually family owned or community based in the west and north sides of the island. They produce smaller quantities of food but this food has a lot higher quality than the one oroduced by the intensive farmers. Their approach usually uses none or very little chemicals and artificial preservatives. They rely on the natural processes emphasizing on composting materials from the garden back to the garden, use of natural fetilizers, no use of chemical control but use of biological control instead. Organic farmers use natural predators to control the pests, introducing them to the land. There is a lot more work to be done but it manifests in a long term clean soil, high quality good food and biological balance of the big eco-system of the state of Hawaii. 

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We believe in supporting local businesses, especially farmers who are growing organic produce because this is one of the strongest foudations for a sustainable island life. Any island in the world has to become 100 % sustainable because with the changing global climate, severe and more unpredictable weather patterns in the oceans and rising sea levels, island nations do not have much to chose from. Relying on imported goods is not a cheap and healthy option. The more local and independent we become, the brighter the future of our children will be. 

Farms on Oahu have very few chances to offer their produce in open markets on the island. Only the biggest ones manage to reprecent their products on the Honolulu open markets several days of the week. 

This is why we offer a tour that combines the sightseeing of Oahu's natural wonders with a visit to a few local farms, giving you the opportunity to experiece and support a different side of our community. During the tour, you will be able to enter the farm, talk to the owners or workers there and eventualy if you would like to, purchase fresh fruit and vegitables. There is nothing commercial and noone will expect you to buy souveneers. Our team always buys from them regardless if our clients do :) 


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 The duration and specific details of this tour is always build according to your persnal preferences. The minimum time you should expect to visit an organic farm is 4 hours if departure is in Honolulu/Waikiki area. We will suggest you several option but you can decide for yourself which farm or what other visits or tours it can be combined with.   





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