Lanikai to Mokulua Islands Stand Up Paddle / Kayaks Tour

Lanikai to Mokulua Islands Stand Up Paddle / Kayaks Tour

Take an SUP out to the Infamous “Mokes” in Kailua!

Unique location known only by locals. A private tour, family style, to the Mokulua island (“Mokes”) with paddle boards or kayaks.

Nā Mokulua, or just Mokulua (meaning, in Hawaiian, “the two islands”) are two islets off the windward coast of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. They are both seabird sanctuaries, and the one on the right, Mokulua Iki, is closed to the public. The one on the left, Mokulua Nui, is open to the public and is a popular destination for kayakers and paddle-boarders.

The islets are located about 0.75 miles off Kaʻōhao (Lanikai), a neighborhood of Kailua, Hawai’i.
It is about half hour of workout each way. Enjoy this core upper body strengthening water activity while you are having fun in this incredible adventure.

Kailua and Lanikai Beaches are two of the most beautiful on the entire island, and to see them from out on the ocean is a unique experience. Powder-fine white sand, crystal clear water, and towering palm trees create a perfect tropical paradise.

As you approach the island, keep your eye out for sea turtles and crabs. During the winter months, it may be possible to spot whales out in the distance. The lava and coral formations around the island make this a great snorkeling spot. You can snorkel, hike the trail on the right side of the island, jump off the cliffs, or relax and enjoy the sandy beach on the west side.

All of our guides are knowledgeable instructors that make the experience fun, because after all, for most of those visiting Hawaii, the goal is to enjoy your vacation while having as much fun as possible.

No previous experience is needed, nor swimming skills, you will be in a very safe environment.